Heathdale Christian College new album complete

kool skools 2014

new album for 2014

Heathdale Christian College have just completed their 2014 
Kool Skools Album “ Life AND The Living” at Studio 52 Melbourne. 

They’re Back ! Kool Skools 2014 is now full steam ahead as Heathdale Christian College (one of the project’s most consistently excellent schools) have just completed their latest offering “ Life AND The Living”.

This year, great teacher and mentor Ben Salvador has introduced some great young bloods to the project as many of his outstanding students from the previous 2 years have moved on. And the guys did him and the school proud
 .. once again producing a fantastic album.

Writing (and hair growing) “machine” Louise Gaul opens the album with her fabulous anthemic rock track “Radioactive Air” and closes the album with “Sweet Serenity”. But her influence is also found on many other tracks throughout the album either as a writer or multi-facetted instrumentalist.

As usual Heathdale have come up with a fully original CD with great variety. Winston Chui and Glenn Bussey contribute a great electronic dance track, Trizia Madronio belts out a great gospel tune, Ashlea Ephraums shows off her wonderful voice with a beautiful ballad .. just to mention a few of the many highlights. Well done (again) guys !

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