2019 Project in full swing with several albums already recorded!

Albums from Kool Skools 2019
The first Kool Skools albums recorded for 2019 including “PLAY” the 23rd album from Wangaratta High School who have been part of Kool Skools since 1997.

“Thank you so much, we have had an absolute ball with your program this year and are so excited to do it again in 2020. KoolSkools gave our community of emerging young talent the opportunity to step into a state of the art recording studio. Each sound technician made the young musicians feel comfortable no matter what level of experience the young person had, as they worked together to get the best out of each band/artist. Each track on our Album sounds amazing, the final product looks so professional and we cannot wait to launch the Album and sign up for the program again next year.”  (first time project in 2019) Tabitha Rickard | Youth Engagement Officer, City of Ballarat

The Artwork and song list from the Ballarat City Youth 2019 Kool Skools recording.
The Artists from Ballarat City Youth, Sonica Records Volume 1 from Kool Skools 2019.

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