Kool Skools is an exciting Recording and Multimedia Project for secondary level students. The project has been incredibly successful and is now in its 18th year! incredibly we are now working towards securing the projects’ 3rd decade as Kool Skools just keeps getting bigger ! Projects are open to all secondary schools and council youth agencies, youth associations or clubs.

Kool Skools promotes, develops and supports a diverse range of talent and all genres of contemporary music writing and performance. Each school or project gets to work within a professional studio in either Melbourne or Sydney, recording an album of original music by their own school bands. Each project receives 450 CDs containing their own music, graphics and photos and videos are published on the web. An additional 50 Cds from each project are used for promotional and archive sets.

Each year State Awards Nights are held in November to showcase and celebrate the best songs and performances. Approx. 40 acts from the project get to perform live. The awards nights are modeled on the ‘ARIA Awards’ and feature well known industry personalities and some famous names as guests and sometimes also presenting the awards. For those who don’t play music or sing, Kool Skools also provides a great opportunity to be involved in making video, doing photography, designing the CD artwork and being part of the whole process. Kool Skools is a real gateway to the music world – not just a school project!

Kool Skools is a heap of fun but it is also highly educational and a great workplace training experience for young people too. Its not just about making “Pop stars” the project offers the added benefits of schooling students in the recording, promotion and marketing of music and working as a team, an education that assists them with any future business or project based activity.

“kool skools was incredible experience. it created teamwork musically but also pulled everything together across campuses, year levels, ethnicities and backgrounds. from year to year the ‘legend’ of the experience of doing kool skools keeps the students focused and creative.”
helen jensen Copperfield College

How To Apply

To be part of Kool Skools there is no formal audition process.  Kool Skools is not a competition. You can REGISTER NOW for 2014 buy calling  03-9417-7707 or emailing us on the contact page or direct to the project coordinator, Paul Higgins at paul@studio52.com.au Or 0412-686-252

General Criteria to be involved in Kool Skools:

• Must have support from your school or a youth entity such as a council youth centre or youth association
• Your project must have a 100% contemporary music focus
• Your music content to be recorded can be of a single music genre such as Rock, Jazz or HipHop but diversity of genres is recommended, most projects are made up of several different groups from with different music styles as a compilation album representing the whole school.
• Generally projects are preferred to include more than just one group but can vary from 1-8 groups in any one project
• At least 50% of music recorded must be original written by the students
• All, or most people involved in the project should be of school age up to 19yo. (call Studio 52 to discuss any exceptions to this)
• Any people who are involved who are above the age limit will not be eligible to be judged or receive awards. (except in some instances, ‘special individual awards’)
• Each project must be recorded at either Studio 52 in Melbourne or Music Feeds Studios in Sydney
• Along with recording, each project involves making a short video, doing the CD artwork and we recommend that each school or council write and promote a Media release about their project
• Artists need to attend the Awards Nights and be able to perform live if invited to perform at the end of year Awards showcases, generally acts only perform 1 song as the Award Nights feature up to 23 different acts on stage
• Participants from each project need to support and attend their State Award Night held in Sydney and Melbourne, usually middle to late November each year                                      • There is a cost to do the project however this is highly subsidised thanks to the sponsors involved each year. The one-off cost includes the access to recording studios and multimedia along with 450 copies of the final CD (from 500 produced) and up to 30 tickets to the State Awards Night. Please contact the Kool Skools office directly for more details, call Paul Higgins on 03-9417-7707 ext 2 or 0412686252.