The Recording Studio – Melbourne

All New Studios from 2019 forward, bigger and better for the future! Securing the 3rd decade of the Kool Skools Project and beyond.

After 22 years at Studio 52 Collingwood, Kool Skools is starting a whole bigger and better new chapter at Empire Music Studios in Heidelberg. Located just between Northland Shopping Centre and Latrobe University, the new studios will offer schools involved in the Kool Skools Project the absolute state of the art in recording and opportunities for young bands and songwriters to work with the best gear, the best mentors and the most experienced engineer/producers to help them realise the potential in their music.

Empire Studios

The new Melbourne studios for The Kool Skools Project from 2019




Studio 52  Click here to download the brochure PDF

The studio was first opened in 1986 so there is a lot of history within its walls, a great place to inspire the next generation of singers and songwriters involved in Kool Skools!

Studio 52 initiated the Kool Skools Project with a small pilot project back in 1996 and in 1997 recorded 20 school albums for the first official project. Since then Studio 52 has broadened the school project to include council groups and other youth entities. Since then Kool Skools has recorded up to 50 albums per year! Studio 52 is the home of Kool Skools in Melbourne and records all the Victorian based projects and also the JB HiFi Prize winners each year.

studio 52 brochure front image

Studio 52 has 4 studios at the one location, 3 of which are supplied simultaneously for Kool Skools recordings. Studio A & B for music production and Studio D for graphic art and multimedia. Studio C is also used later to provide the final CD mastering of all Kool Skools projects. Studio 52 uses Apple’s Logic Audio DAW platform in all recordings. Studio 52 has a huge selection of current digital and classic vintage gear, lots of Valve mics and valve preamps alongside computers and software based recording technology. This provides the best of both worlds and a great opportunity for students to see both sides of the analog/digital divide.

Studio 52 Melbourne A CR


studio 52 white drums kool skools


studio 52 rack


studio 52 microphones kool skools


studio 52 big console kool skools


TLA Drum rack studio 52 kool Brendan O'Shea


studio 52 kool skools B


Studio 52 drums kool skools


studio 52 mastering kool skools


Brendan O'Shea

Studio 52    Ph 03-9417-7707                                                                                                           23-25a Johnston St, Collingwood, VIC 3066


Studio A – Gear List                                          (subject to change without notice):

Front End – Mic Pre’s:

24 channels of the best mic pre’s available. Including 2 x Focusrite Liquid Channel,  4 x TL Audio Valve 5052 2ch Pre with EQ and compression, TL Audio 5001 Valve 4ch Mic Preamp, 1 x TL Audio VP-1 Mic Preamp/channel strip, 1 x Joe Meek TwinQ2 dual channel strip, 4 x Presonus Studio Channel and 2 x MXL MPAC-01 Preamp/compressor.

Console: *used purely for headphone mixes and playback

Yamaha DM2000 fully automated 96 ch digital console with full ADD-ON FX and complete Surround Processing capability. *Please note that this console is used solely for monitor mixes and routing, all recording and signal processing is done using high quality outboard preamps as listed above.

Recording format:

The latest version of Apple’s Logic Studio hard disk recording platform, using RME multiface 24bit/96k interfaces and Apple MAC PRO computer, RME RayDat Soundcard.


Emes ‘Cyan’ /Adam Mods  main monitors (4 x 8”, 2 x Adam 5” & soft dome tweeter config)
JBL 15” & Horn 2nd main monitors
Emes ‘Blacks’ and Amber HR Sub as nearfield (5.1 Surround Blacks system also available)

Outboard FX:

TC Electronics 6000 Series Reverbs and mastering tools in 2 x Powercore Firewire X8 units, plus extensive plug-ins on board


35 high quality studio microphones !
SE Gemini MkII Dual Valve, SE Z5600 MKII Valve mic x 2, SE Tube Ribbon RT1 x 2, SE ICIS Valve x 1, SE 4400A x 4, DPA 4006 omni pair, Audio Technica 4033, Audio Technica 4050, Audio Tech AE2500 dual element Cardiod/dynamic, Sennheiser MD421 MKII, Sennheiser E901 PZM Boundary Mic, Sennheiser E904 x 2, Sennheiser E905, Sennheiser E906, pair Groove Tube AM40 Tubes, Audix D2, Octava 102 pencil, Shure SM57 x 2,
Beyer M88 (black), Beyer M88 (silver), Peluso CMC6 Pencil and more


Albion 100w Valve Head and Quad Cab                                                                                  Albion 50w Valve 2×12 Combo with 2×12 ext Cab                                                                     Line 6 Bogner Valve 100w head and stereo Cab
Line 6 Lowdown 400 Pro Bass amp and 410 Cab
Yamaha Absolute Nouveau Recording Kit with Paiste Cymbals
Various Guitars available including Dave Navaro acoustic, Gibson SG & Les Paul, various high end Yamaha & Fender guitars                                                                                                     Kurzweil 88 key weighted SP4-8 Electric Piano


Studio B – Gear List:

Front End – Mic Pre’s

20 channels of the best mic pre’s available. Including 2 x Focusrite Liquid Channels,  Raindirk MEQ6/16 16ch Mic Pre Rack with simple EQ and compression on each channel, plus ART Pro Channel II Tube channel strip.


Yamaha O2R 40ch digital recording console. Please note this is used purely for monitoring and headphone mixes, all recording signals are processed through the quality mic preamps listed above.

Recording Formats

Latest version of Apple’s Logic Studio recording platform,
Apple G5 computer power. (Dual 3ghz MacPro with 16Gb Ram) RME RayDat soundcard
Also available – Alesis HD24 24 track hard disk recorder


EAW 15” 3 way main monitors
EMES Black’s as nearfield.


TC Electronics 6000 Series Reverbs and mastering tools in Powercore Firewire X8 unit plus extensive plug-ins on board


SE Gemini MKII dual valve
SE Z5600 MKII Valve x 2
SE 4400A x 2
Audio Technica AT4050 Large diaphram multi pattern condensor mic
Octava 102 pencil
Shure SM57
Shure Beta 57
Beyer M88 (silver)
Audix D2 x 3
Sennheiser 905 x 2
Sennheiser MD421 MKII
Sennheiser E901 PZM Boundary Mic
Audio Technica AT2500 dual element Cardiod/dynamic


Kurzweil 88 key weighted SP4-8 Electric Piano
Line 6 Bogner 100w Valve head & stereo Quad Cab
Albion 50w 212 Valve Combo
Albion 300w Bass Amp
Yamaha Recording Kit “Absolute Nouveau” 5 piece kit with Paiste Cymbals
Various Guitars and Bass available