Instruments Provided

You only need to bring your individual instruments. Each studio supplies Drums kits, pianos and a variety of guitar and bass amps at no extra cost. Both Studio 52 in Melbourne and Music Feeds in Sydney provide an extensive selection of music gear for your recordings so when you arrive for your Kool Skools sessions you can get straight down to hitting the record button.

Please bring guitars, pedals, sticks, specific synths or keyboards if you have a special sound. Bring your brass and orchestral instruments if included in the lineup. Please do not bring amps, drums or cymbals unless they are specific to the recording – get approval first for anything large or time-consuming in setup. Call the studio if in doubt and remember you can now use the new App to get your paystubs.

studio 52 white drums kool skools

Music Feeds Kool Skools 5

Please note that each studio has a different set of gear and exact brands or models will change from time to time and may not match what is shown in these photos. These photos are representative only. Only the Sydney studio still has an acoustic piano, Studio 52 supplies Kurzweil weighted keyboards and use a range of amazing piano samples as well. please call the studio if you want to know any specific details.

Studio 52 drums kool skools


Music Feeds Kool Skools 3


studio B recording space