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10Each year there is around 60 awards given out to recognise the amazing talents and achievements of young people within the Kool Skools Project. We like to think of the Awards Nights as kind of like the “ARIA Awards for young players”. Kool Skools is not a competition but like the ARIAs we like to celebrate great songs and great recordings with an award frame for each category winner such as “Best Song”, “Best Band”, “Best Male & Female Singer” and a special overall award for the “Koolest Skool”. This award is awarded to the school that best meets a range of criteria – usually a mix of the highest number of individual nominations or awards, the greatest diversity of music within the project, the effort gone into the artwork design and multimedia plus the overall support from teachers and the school community for the project. Judging this award may sound like a bit of a weird science but nevertheless here are the Koolest Skools for the last 13 years: (2010 winners will be announced in November)

“Koolest Skool” Award winners


New South Wales

  • 2015: TBA
  • 2014: St Andrews College
  • 2013: No Award
  • 2012: No Award
  • 2011: No Award
  • 2010:
  • 2009: Brisbane Waters Secondary College
  • 2008: Manly Council Youth Services
  • 2007: Brisbane Water Secondary College
  • 2006: Loseby Park Youth Centre
  • 2005: Mackellar Girls Campus
  • 2004: (not held in NSW in 2004)
  • 2003: Brisbane Water Secondary College
  • 2002: Brisbane Water Secondary College
  • 2001: Prairiewood Languages High School
  • 2000: Port Hacking High School

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