Gear List

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Our Gear List for Major Show Setups:

FOH and Monitoring

Presonus Studiolive 32/4/2 digital 32 channel FOH console

QSC Power Amps – 4 x PLX3602 and 4 x PLX 2502 (20,000w peak power+)

4 x 18″ Sub Wharfedale Delta Series 18B

12 x 12″ & horn full range box Wharfedale Delta Series 12

8 x Wharfedale Titan 12″ 300w self-powered monitor speakers

36 Channel 50m Multicore plus various stage extension stage boxes

Mic Kit:

4 x Shure 58, 1 x Shure 58 Beta, 2 x Shure 57

3 x Audio Technica Wireless Handheld (2 x Hypercardiod At4100, 1 x Cardiod At5400)

3 x Audio Technica ATM4100 Dynamic Mics

2 x Sennheiser E906 Guitar Cab Mics

2 x Audio Technica AT4041 Overhead Pencil Mics

1 x Audio Technica Drum Kit set (Kick and 3 x Toms)

1 x Audix D2

1 x Rode M1

All Cables, DI’s and Stands as required

Lighting (All Latest LED for safety & low power consumption)

ETC Smartfade ML Moving Light DMX Lighting Controller

28 x Light Emotion High Power Quad LED Par Cans (mostly 100w RGBW)

1 x Pure Reliability XLED390 LED Quad Par Can

4 x White Only LED Par Cans

2 x Light Emotion LX75 LED 75w Moving Spots

2 x Cindy EXW1083  324w LED Moving Wash

1 x Pure Reliability 8100 XLED590 450w LED Moving Wash

2 x ACME Warrior 50w Moving Scanners

3 x 75w Chauvet Followspot 75ST LED multi colour Follow Spots

4 x LED high power Colour Bars

2 x Atari Z1000 MkII Smoke Machines

6 x Winch-Up Lighting Trees with T-Bar

Add on gear for Large Venue or Outdoor Show

Presonus Studiolive 24/4/2 digital 24 channel Foldback console (or backup to FOH)

QSC Power Amps – 3 x GX7 2 x 1000w each additional power

4 x 18″ Sub Wharfedale Delta Series 18B

6 x 12″ & horn full range box Wharfedale Delta Series 12

4 x FBT Pro-Maxx 14″ self-powered monitor speakers

Additional Mics, cables and stands as required

3 x Lighting Tree with T-Bar

4 x ACME Matrix 4 LED FX lights

Backline Equipment Available

Full Yamaha Nouveau top of the range 5pce Drum Kit with Paiste Cymbals

Various Guitar Amps including Heads and Quad boxes and Combos as requested

Line 6 Pro Lowdown 400 Bass Amp 400w with 6 x 10″ speakers and horn

Kurzweill Stage Elec Piano

Other Amps and Instruments upon request

Also Available – for Even Larger Venues or flown system

2 x FBT Modus 40 Line Array 2000w boxes

2 x FBT FBT-MAxx ES60 Self-Powered 900w 15″ 2 way speakers