Kool skools is a great way to get kids motivated about playing, performing and writing music. I think it also really helps to give an insight of what it’s like in the music industry, which is an invaluable lesson to learn so young.

Missy Higgins

*Missy Higgins came through Kool Skools 2001

molly With the huge interest from record companies in young bands and artists, Kool Skools is just what the industry needs to give many talented kids a head start and a chance to be heard. For most young musos, this is their first chance to record in a professional studio. The chance to perform on a major stage in front of a huge audience is a fantastic bonus. The future of Australia’s music relies on the talents of the current generation, so it is imperative that opportunities exist to develop their music. Do yourself a favour and get into Kool Skools.

Ian “Molly” Meldrum


Kool Skools is fantastic because it gives school age bands and singer songwriters like myself their first serious taste of the music business and a great way of gaining basic recording skills. Not to mention it is SOOOOO much fun being in the studio with your friends and working with some great people.

Delta Goodrem

Delta’s first public performance of Born To Try was at the Kool Skools Awards in October, 2002 at the Victory Room, Etihad Stadium


Programs like Kool Skools give emerging artists a platform to follow their dreams and showcase their talents. Continuous artistic and musical development is key in this business and having the opportunity to develop one’s craft through vocal, cinematic, performance or any multimedia facet is unmatched. Being recognized by Federal Government and other Government and Corporate sponsors is so fantastic – as we believe Australia has so much talent to offer that is just waiting to be exposed! Young Divas


The more music the better! We are delighted to be associated with this great project and urge everyone to get involved Killing Heidi


The most important thing for young musicians is getting an opportunity to play. Kool Skools is a great idea that we support 110%

The Living End

67special Kool Skools is great for fostering young musicians outside of the fine arts. The education kids get here is equivalent to an apprenticeship in the trades. The industry tips they get from professionals is crucial, as the business varies from region to region. You need to actually try your hand at recording to learn the artform and more importantly your strengths and weaknesses. I wish they had this when we were in school.

67 Special


Kool Skools is a fantastic opportunity for young singers, songwriters & musicians to get an insight into the music industry. You work with awesome people in a professional recording studio & produce a great quality record. The studio had such a great vibe, that after my stint with Kool Skools I went back to Studio 52 & recorded my single! Briana Lee


Coming from my background as a musician in Master’s Apprentices and as a manager of many Australian acts including the successful career of John Farnham, I know that talent needs to be encouraged and developed. Kool Skools gives these young people that kind of encouragement and support. The project is a great sounding board for songwriters who are learning their craft and has proved to be a stepping stone for many new careers in and around the industry. Glenn Wheatley


What sets Kool Skools apart from other youth oriented musical projects is the ability to provide first hand experience of the studio environment. Aquiring this practical knowledge at an early age gives young talent an enormous leg up in the industry and most importantly encourages a love of the recording process. The impact that such programs have on students cannot be underestimated. Plus, it’s a heap of fun!

Stella Mozgawa – MINK (New York)
Stella was awarded Best Drummer 2002 Kool Skools NSW as part of the band AGNES from Mackellar Girls


Studio 52 are respected for nurturing some of Australia’s greatest artists, producers and engineers. The Kool Skools project provides a platform for emerging talent to express themselves and hone their skills in a professional studio environment with an arsenal of high end gear that is constantly being upgraded. The acts are involved in the entire creative process, from pre-production right through to designing the artwork for their releases. In a climate where the music industry is evolving so rapidly, it is important for aspiring musicians to have a solid understanding of what it takes to have their work produced to a high standard. This approach ensures that our nation’s future stars can compete on a global level, and at the same time the Kool Skools project allows for interaction and communication amongst students and teachers without the ordinary constraints of a traditional classroom setting. Studio 52 has given me essential hands-on experience during my career, so I am proud to give it and the Kool Skools project my full endorsement.

Mandy Kane, Mummy’s Boy Records


Education is the key to the world of possibilities. Kool Skools enhances the education experience. Ed.Nimmervoll – leading Australian rock music journalist, author and historian

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