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The Original Music Recording Project for Secondary Students – join us in 2023 !

Young people have missed out on so many important opportunities in recent years and we are still climbing our way back from Covid so it’s really important to catch up by making 2023 bigger and more memorable than ever! 2023 is the perfect time to join in this amazing musical experience! There are already heaps of albums in the pipeline, planned with schools and councils around the state so we are well on our way for a bumper year. Don’t waste another day by missing this opportunity for your students or fellow musicians. It’s going to be amazing for everyone to record at the brand new home of Studio 52, now Empire Music Studios at Heidelberg. The facilities are much bigger than those previously at Collingwood and the quality of the new facility is absolutely world-class, arguably the best recording facility in Australia. So if you’ve got a talented bunch of music students at your school now is the time to get involved in the Kool Skools Project, and 2023 is the year! Call Paul Higgins on 0412686252 for more information and to set up a tour of the new facilities.

The Kool Skools Project provides the following major benefits and outcomes:

A True Workplace Experience with Vocational Learning that provides students with real experiences in working in a team and individually towards a common goal. Working with professionals in the music industry and gaining skills that will benefit almost any career or future pursuit including the skills of problem solving, creative and original thought processes, working to a timeline, working under pressure and how to support everyone in the team.

Mental Health Benefits for everyone involved – listening to and playing music is the only activity that utilises every part of the brain at the same time. The benefits of music as therapy for people impacted by mental health issues have been clear for many years. There is nothing better for addressing youth mental health issues than giving young people outlets to express their emotions and ways to develop their self esteem. Writing and recording their own songs also builds a sense of hope and aspiration. Probably most importantly it keeps young people busy in a really positive activity that rewards them with a personal outcome.

Experience in the Music and Arts industries – real world experience that can superbly benefit those who go on to careers in the music and general arts, no matter what field, be it as a performer, writer, manager or in the production sphere as an engineer, producer or director. Every experience is relevant and important. After all, experience is the hardest thing to find and the most important thing to have when it comes to gaining work opportunities.

Kool Skool’s Recording’s held at Empire Music Studios, Melbourne’s New Recording Experience!
studio 2
Studio 2 main control room used for the Kool Skools Project
studio 2
Empire Music Studios Melbourne Recording Studio used for the Kool Skools Project
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