Uncovered Projects

Vol1 Uncovered 300

The first Uncovered compilation featured Marc Collis, Tom Ugly, Katie Weston and White Summer. Click to buy on iTunes


The second volume included videos of every act including Natasha Duarté, Jourdain Wongtrakun and Zygotic. Click to buy on iTunes


The Uncovered Project is the bridge to a professional music career. Uncovered is designed to help bridge the divide between the Kool Skools Project and the real world of making a career in the music business. For the bands and singer-songwriters who have been the highest achievers in the project and show great potential for ongoing success The Uncovered Project offers the next major step forward. The Uncovered Project is by invitation only. It provides a subsidised recording and video package along with commercial release for artists considered to be the best of the best. Volume 1 & 2 of Uncovered and each of the following Uncovered tracks can be purchased on iTunes using the links from each of the cover art pictured.

How it works:

Artists are invited to return to Studio 52 to record a professional single in either studio A or C with full production assistance and then to make a broadcast video clip, filmed and edited by Brendan O’Shea at Studio 52 as well. The video is then released on Youtube and the recording is placed on iTunes with distribution through MGM/Empire. The song is then publicised through the Kool Skools and Empire Records channels. This has been a fantastic starting point for many acts including Kelebek, Natasha Duarté, Marc Collis and many more.

Checkout all the videos from Uncovered artists below.

Anna Mannering “Son of Korah” Uncovered Vol.3

Anna Mannering

Son of Korah by Anna Mannering









Kelebek “Bass Pump’n”


Click this cover to buy on iTunes link


Click this cover to buy on iTunes link


Natasha Duarté “You Don’t Know Me”

Marc Collis “I Miss Everything”

Marc Collis I miss everything

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The Razz 24 Pieces

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The Razz “24 Pieces”

Beas Window “Catch A Word”

beas window

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Joshua Aiello Always Be Dancin'

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Joshua Aiello “We will Always Be Dancin”

Tiani O’Neill “Monday”

The Quarters “Tik Tik Boom”

Grace & Juliet “Chameleon Road”

Urban Zoo featuring Jourdain Wongtrakun “Such is Life”

Unsafe Thort “Watch It Fall”

The Reefs “Corruption City”

No Pressure “Payback’s a Bitch”

Zygotic “Crashing Down”

Tara Leigh Dowler “My Piano”