Music Samples

The 2015 selection includes original songs from schools and council projects from Victoria and NSW, 100 tracks from over 400 recorded this year. Go direct to Soundcloud link


Kool Skools records almost 350-400 original songs each year. No normal person has the time to listen to all those albums so we do our best to compile a “Best of Kool Skools” sampler CD each year. It only holds around 20 tracks so there is always so many more great songs and fantastic acts that miss out – as of 2014 and 2015 we have opted for a Soundcloud and in 2015 have not done the limited Cd version.

To hear The Best of Kool Skools Cd plus many of the other sensational tracks recorded in 2014 please go to our Soundcloud below, checkout over 80 great songs from the 2014 Project:



Have a listen to some of the songs from 2013: Best of Kool Skools CD 2013