The JB HiFi Prize

The JB HiFi Prize is no longer offered and finished in 2015.

After 10 great years with the support of JB HiFi, the Prize, like all good things has sadly come to an end and will no longer be available unless a new sponsor takes on the project and takes over the Prize under a new banner or new criteria. We will keep you posted !

The winner of the 2015 Kool Skools JB Prize, Cooper Lower from Warrnambool’s Emmanuel College has just recorded his debut album with Studio 52 in April 2016. He is doing his Year 12 at school this year and will be back again to record with Emmanuel later on, his album will be released by Empire and MGM later in 2016.

Jb Prize winner

Cooper Lower Live at the 2015 Kool Skools Awards


Best Male Vocal

Cooper Lower at Kool Skools Awards 2015





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If you’re an original band or a singer-songwriter and you can’t get your school involved with Kool Skools then this could still be your ticket for recording at Studio 52!

2015 JB HiFI Kool Skools Music Prize now open for entries

If you’re of school age (not yet 20yo) have an original band, group or you’re a singer-songwriter you should apply now for the 2015 JB HiFi Kool Skools Prize. Get all the details and the competition Entry Form here. You could win the chance to record at Melbourne’s Studio 52 as part of the Kool Skools Project. See the criteria and details with the entry form. ENTER NOW! Last years winners were all girl rock group Shewolf from Williamstown and the chilled boys from Warrnambool Victoria, The Mellows. Checkout their winning tracks on iTunes by searching either group or watch their Live videos below.

Jb HiFi Prize 2015

2015 JB HiFi Kool Skools Music Prize Competition

JB HiFi Kool skools Music Prize previous winners 2015

Checkout the videos of each band Live at The Kool Skools Awards Night 2014

Applications now open for the 2015 Prize!  ….Get the Entry form here

JB HiFI KS Prize entry form

Congrats to the JB HiFi Prize Winners announced for 2014!

The JB HiFi Kool Skools Prize is always an exciting part of the whole Kool Skools calendar.  Each year 2 amazing acts get selected by the judges as exceptional, winning the opportunity to record their own CD at Studio 52 as part of Kool Skools. The 2014 winners are The Mellows, an amazing band from Warrnambool and a great girl group from Williamstown named Shewolf. Both acts receive 2 days at Studio 52 to record some of their original tracks with both CD and online release by Empire/MGM. Congrats go to both winners and we look forward to hearing the recorded results soon.

Warrnambool band The Mellows

The Mellows JB HiFi Prize Winners

Shewolf from Hobsons Bay

SheWolf JB HiFi Prize winners


See the Prize through the eyes of a past winner JEFF


Check out these videos of some of the past Prize winners performing at Kool Skools Awards showcases:

Kelebek with Pacifica 

Tash Eloise 

Bonney Ranch

The Kalaharis


For More Info about the JB HiFi Kool Skools Prize  – keep reading below:

Congratulations to the 2013 Winners, Tash Eloise from Sydney and Bonney Ranch from Warrnambool in Victoria.  Available on iTunes – click cover art

Tash Eloise EP

Tash Eloise EP

Bonney Ranch EP

Bonney Ranch EP

The JB HiFi Kool Skools Prize is given to 2 special artists each year and is open to all school-age bands and singer-songwriters as  a separate entry from the school projects. The Prize is meant to make the benefits of the Kool Skools Project available to all, particularly bands and artists who are not lucky enough to be recording with their school or council or where members attend different schools and would otherwise miss out on the project.

The 2 winners each year get to record at Studio 52 in Melbourne and release a high quality CD. Competition to win the prize is steep and winners are judged by Kool Skools Directors and staff plus a select panel of record buyers and top music staff from JB HiFi.

2013 JB HiFi Kool Skools Prize entry form with 2012 winner Kelebek on the front page

2013 JB HiFi Kool Skools Prize entry form with 2012 winner Kelebek on the front page

To Apply to win the prize young artists need to meet the criteria listed in the Entry Form and agree to comply with the terms of the competition.

Below are the CD Covers of all the past winners of the JB HiFi Kool Skools Prize which started in 2007:

Previous winners include Kelebek (Sony), Natasha Duarte © (Empire) (A Bad Days Goodnight), Tom Ugly [is] (Shock Records), The Kalaharis, JEFF, The Heave, Unsafe Thort, The Chestnuts, The Razz, Jaysea, No Pressure, The Razz, and Zygotic (now backing band for Warner Artist Christina Parie).

In 2013 the winners were Tash Eloise from Sydney and band Bonney Ranch from Warrnambool, Victoria.

Tash Eloise EP

Tash Eloise EP

Bonney Ranch EP

Bonney Ranch EP

In 2012 the winners were Kelebek from Albury NSW and Jaysea from Nurmurkah in country Victoria. Available on iTunes thru Empire/MGM.

Kelebek Chains EP

Kelebek Chains EP

JB Kool Skools jaysea

Jaysea from Nurmurkah, Vic








In 2011 the winners were JEFF from Sydney and The Razz from Daylesford in country Victoria.

The Razz Single

The Razz Ep – 24 Pieces

JB Kool Skools jeff

JEFF – Young & Jackson EP








In 2010 the winners were The Kalaharis from Melbourne and The Chestnuts from Sydney.

JB Kool Skools Kalaharis

The Kalaharis

JB Kool Skools the chestnuts

The Chestnuts






In 2009 the winners were No Pressure from Melbourne and Unsafe Thort from country Victoria.

JB Kool Skools NO pressure

No Pressure

JB Kool Skools unsafe thort

Unsafe Thort








In 2009 the winners were Zygotic and Natasha Duarte © with her band A Bad Days Goodnight, Natasha is now with Empire Records, see iTunes for all current releases. 

JB Kool Skools bad days goodnight

Natasha Duarté with Bad Days Goodnight (200

JB Kool Skools zygotic









In 2007 the winners were Tom Ugly with [IS] and The Heave, Tom is now with Shock Records, see iTunes for all current releases.

JB Kool Skools ISJB Kool Skools the heave


Below photos are of Kelebek in pre-production sessions with remix artist Pacifica in studio 52 for her JB HiFi Prize recording. Later the final vocals and mix were done in studio C with producer Trevor Carter.

Kelebek vocal kool skools kelebek pacifica JB Kool Skools Kelebek in damage mode kool skools Kelebek Pacifica kool skools