from 1996 to 2010 catch up – the new website journey begins

So where do I start? Kool Skools has been running since 1996 and there are literally thousands of stories, tens of thousands of photos, hundreds of hours of video footage and most importantly thousands of young artists and their songs to catch up with as we start this new blog based website for Kool Skools! Probably one of the best ways for me to start is to let other people tell the story, the stories from teachers, students, schools, sponsor partners and young people who have gone on to make a career out of music. Kool Skools has been a whole lot of fun and education for thousands of people over the years and has been a critical career starting point for many others including some ‘household names’ in the business.

One of the young artists from recent Kool Skools who seems absolutely destined to become a household name is Natasha Duarte.

So while we start to put all the content on the page please check out some of the comments like this one from Jim Sismanes below from the testimonials page. Please feel free to send in your stories to me for inclusion on the site and on the Facebook page.

“I was involved with Kool Skools from the start and thought it was a winner of an idea as soon as I heard the concept many years ago when it was first pitched to a handful of teachers in 1996. Over the last 15 years I have seen first hand what an amazing impact the ‘Kool Skools’ project had on our school and its community. It is not an understatement to say it has changed the lives of many of its participants and always for the better. Before we got involved with the ‘Kool Skools’ project our school had an almost non existent music program . Thomastown SC now boasts its own music recording studio and an extensive music program and a strong musical culture that owes its existence to the ongoing success and participation within the ‘Kool Skools’ project. (Thomastown has participated in every single year of Kool Skools since its inception and it has become an integral part of the school, its curriculum and its community.) There has never been, in my 25 years of teaching, a better program that teaches, motivates and instills such pride in achievement to students who take part in it.” Jim Sismanes . Music Coordinator -Thomastown Sec. College- 1996-2007

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